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We created a budget worksheet for your convenience. It might help your budget process. This link will take you there, then simply print the page to your printer.

Sample Construction Timeline

Design 3 weeks Order Timbers 3 weeks
Cut Timber Frame 3 weeks Site Work 6 weeks
Foundation, Deck 2 weeks Frame Erecting 1 week
SIP Panel Installation 1 week Porches, Decks 2 weeks
Doors, Windows 1 week Roof, Siding 3 weeks
Exterior Painting 2 weeks Interior 2 weeks
Plumbing 2 weeks Heating 2 weeks
Electric 2 weeks Sheetrock 1 week
Floors 1 week Interior Painting 2 weeks
Fixtures 1 week    

The time line we show here is only a guide. We took a small to medium sized home in the 1,600 to 2,200 sq. ft. range and plugged in average times. There'll always be some areas that hold you up and others that you speed through. Things like roof valleys, roof hips, dormers, breaks in the roof line and jogs in the house always take more time. Simplicity speeds things along.

We left out the permitting process because that varies so much from state to state. Your site work includes the driveway, the cellar hole for the foundation, backfilling under the slab, French drains, rough grading and a septic system. Site work can be done in phases throughout the construction project.

The home foundation, backfilling and first floor deck need to be completed before our timber frame arrives to your site. We coordinate this with cutting your timber frame.

There is some overlap of tasks! For instance, while the roof is being shingled, carpenters could build the room partitions, or while one crew is siding the house, plumbers and electricians could work inside.

Many of these tasks could take place at the same time or in a different order. It depends on how much of the home building project you, or your general contractor is subcontracting out. Weather and the time of year you build your home will have an effect as well. Some things will take longer in cold weather.

So, in short, construction scheduling is not an exact science. Your contractor will be able to help put together a more precise time frame.

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