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Which Wood For My Timber Frame?

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The wood species you choose will depend on your Construction budget and tastes. Strength of a wood species is usually not important. Almost always you'll decide based on appearance! Here's some information about our most popular wood species.

The Hearty Oak

Few woods can match the distinctive beauty of a well oiled oak timber! Its rich, golden brown color adds a solid elegance to your post & beam home. However, oak will check and twist more than other species. For some people, this checking enhances the character of their timber frame.

Douglas Fir

This western timber is available in larger dimensions. It is a light wood and has an exceptional strength to weight ratio. Douglas fir won't twist or check when specified free of heart center. It's rich red color and stability make it one of the most prized species for timber frame. It makes a beautiful timber frame Home.

Northeastern Hemlock

Northeastern hemlock is our most popular wood selection. It's one of the stronger softwoods. It starts out quite blond in color and is often mistaken for pine. It has a more pronounced grain, however, and ages to a rich honey color. We are fortunate to have an excellent and nearby supply of these high quality timbers.

Eastern White Pine

This a very light wood, in color and in weight. The light, almost white color of white pine will darken slightly with age and provides a warm and inviting look. Pine is an economical wood and is easy to work with.

Recycled & Exotic

Recycled timbers and other species like cherry, ash, maple, redwood, as well as many others, all have their own distinctive characteristics. The price and availability of these timbers can vary widely. We're always happy to research the use of these timbers for your home construction projects.

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